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Best View at Coors Field for Rockies tickets


Wells Fargo Club Level Sections 223-239

The Wells Fargo Club level provides possibly the best view at Coors Field, particularly sections 223-239 around home plate.  The entire Club Section spans 221-241, but we’ve omitted the end sections from our recommendation. 

Best View at Coors Field - Section 227

Section 227 (pictured) is located right next to the press box – providing a great view to all the action on the field and the surrounding neighborhood.  Additionally, the seats on the Club level are a little wider.  

The best extra bonus is that the these sections provide access to the climate-controlled Wells Fargo Club, which offers many upscale food and drink options.  There is still a great view of the game from inside the glass enclosure, behind the seats.  This bonus will come in handy for early/late season games when the weather may be sketchy.

Depending on the opponent, day of week, Rockies performance, etc., you should be able to find these tickets on Ticket Network for under $100 (with fees included).

Seating Chart




Infield Box 120-141

Another best view at Coors Field comes from the Infield Box sections. These seats are closer to the action at a relatively affordable price (by MLB standards). Infield Box sections 120-141 are on the first level, running dugout to dugout.  The Rockies occupy the 1st base dugout (sections 122-125), while the visitors occupy 3rd base (136-140). 

Although tickets usually sell for $75-$100, we found tickets 15 rows up in section 136 for $40 each on Ticket Network. Section 136 offers the best view at Coors Field of the visitor’s on-deck circle.

Best View at Coors Field from section 136

We bought section 136 tickets for $40 on Ticket Network

Coors Field Section 136 Seat View
Section 136 offers a great view, close to the action and the visitors dugout; here, Justin Verlander starts his last game as a Detroit Tiger (photo credit: Steve Novak)

Best View at Rockies Game
Section 227 on Club Level offers one of the best views of the game – and the city/mountains (photo credit:

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